1. NASA asteroid WARNING: Giant 269 foot asteroid on 'Earth Close Approach' TOMORROW  Express.co.uk
  2. NASA asteroid WARNING: Spacecraft to SLAM into asteroid in planetary defence mission  Express.co.uk
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A MONSTROUS asteroid taller than the Leaning Tower Pisa will zip past the Earth tomorrow afternoon, NASA has revealed.

NASA will slam a spacecraft into an asteroid as part of the DART project designed to save the planet from extraterrestrial armageddon, the team’s senior scientist has revealed.

Earth’s magnetic field, the basis for modern global navigation systems, is constantly in some state of flux. However, it now seems to be going haywire, pushing the North Pole closer to Siberia, and no one’s sure why.

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The Earth's magnetic field has always been in flux, due to the changing patterns of swirling molten metals in the planet's outer core, but a new report suggests that Earth's magnetic field is shifting so rapidly and unpredictably that it's rendering scientists' models obsolete at a faster rate than ever before.