1. Serious health risks of working overtime  WCNC
  2. New study links working overtime to high blood pressure  WDIV ClickOnDetroit
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  1. Trump on coronavirus outbreak: "He compared the COVID-19 virus multiple times with the flu"  FRANCE 24 English
  2. Concerns coronavirus outbreak may converge with state's flu season  The Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Coronavirus outbreak could combine with winter flu, causing hospital patient 'surge'  9News
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  1. Low fruit and vegetable intakes and higher body fat linked to anxiety disorders  Medical Xpress
  2. Low fruit and vegetables intake linked to anxiety disorder: Study  Medical Dialogues
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  1. Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Announces Support of Rare Disease Day 2020  GlobeNewswire
  2. ‘People think I’m drunk because of my slurred speech’  The Irish Times
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Coronavirus: WHO hold news conference on Covid-19 outbreak – watch live  Guardian NewsView Full coverage on Google News
  1. NC preparing for Coronavirus  CBS 17
  2. NC health officials warn of impending coronavirus outbreak  WITN
  3. North Carolina schools, employers urged to prepare now for coronavirus  WCNC
  4. NC Coronavirus Task Force Encourages Preparedness For COVID-19  WFAE
  5. State health officials urge North Carolinians not to panic, but to prepare for the coronavirus  CBS 17
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  1. Local school districts monitoring coronavirus developments  FOX 2 St. Louis
  2. What Would a Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S. Mean for Schools?  The New York Times
  3. Tampa Bay school districts begin addressing concerns about coronavirus  WFLA
  4. Local school districts making plans to handle coronavirus  WSOC Charlotte
  5. Metro Atlanta schools prepare for potential coronavirus outbreak  CBS46 News Atlanta
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  1. Study of 418,000 Europeans finds different foods linked to different types of st  European Society of Cardiology
  2. Daily portion of fruit and veg linked to reduced stroke risk  The Times
  3. Stroke: Fibre cuts strokes but extra eggs raise the risks  Express
  4. Eating fruit, vegetables and cheese linked to lower stroke risk, study finds  The Independent
  5. Eating dairy can cut the risk of suffering a stroke by up to ten per cent, new research suggests  Daily Mail
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  1. Another Study Claims Wuhan Seafood Market May Not Be Source of Covid-19 Outbreak  Caixin Global
  2. New study further proves Wuhan seafood market not the source of COVID-19  ecns
  3. The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab  ABC 14 News
  4. Don't buy China's story: The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab  Invest Records
  5. Coronavirus: China scientists say virus did not begin in Wuhan seafood market  NEWS.com.au
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  1. Coronavirus: We need to start preparing for the next viral outbreak now  Hong Kong Free Press
  2. The 'Next' Coronavirus Could Be Worse. Health Researchers Told Us How To Fight It.  The National Interest Online
  3. Coronavirus: Your complete guide to the global Covid-19 outbreak  India Today
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  1. World reaches coronavirus 'tipping point' as three deaths spark panic in Italy  The Union Journal
  2. Coronavirus Update: Latest Figures On The Crisis As Cases Soar In Italy  International Business Times
  3. World is on the brink of a coronavirus pandemic, warn virologists, as four more cases emerge in Britain  The Telegraph
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  1. Young Mothers are More Prone to Develop Mental Health Issues  Dual Dove
  2. Young mothers face far more mental health challenges than older parents: study  CTV News
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  1. 12 more patients discharged upon recovery - SHINE News  SHINE
  2. No new coronavirus cases reported in city on entire Sunday  SHINE
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  1. Coronavirus outbreak: Clusters of COVID-19 suggest new phase for spread of illness  Global News
  2. What happens if a pandemic hits?  TechCrunch
  3. Coronavirus Australia: Fears virus will spread across country  NEWS.com.au
  4. Reuters: Samsung to Produce 5nm Qualcomm X60 5G Modem  Tom's Hardware
  5. Coronavirus Australia: How to prepare for outbreak of Covid-19 virus  NEWS.com.au
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  1. Simple urine test could improve early detection of bladder cancer – WHO study  UN News
  2. Simple urine test could help diagnose bladder cancer TEN YEARS before symptoms appear  Daily Mail
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  1. Is The Empathetic Brain Inherently Different?  Forbes
  2. The brain at rest holds clues to empathy  Medical News Today
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  1. Children's Hospital Los Angeles Shows Therapeutic Cooling Targets Site of Brain Injury  Business Wire
  2. Therapeutic cooling effectively targets site of brain injury  Medical Xpress
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  1. Wearable brain stimulation could safely improve motor function after stroke  EurekAlert
  2. Brain Stent Could Cut Odds for a Second Stroke  U.S. News & World Report
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  1. Poll: More Americans Worry about Flu than New Virus  JEMS.com
  2. Public health confirmed flu-related deaths in Kern County up to seven  23 ABC News | KERO
  3. New poll shows Americans are more concerned about the flu than new coronavirus  MarketWatch
  4. Positive Parenting: Healthy habits during flu season  WMUR-TV
  5. In New Mexico, flu more pressing concern than coronavirus  Las Cruces Sun-News
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  1. Coronavirus vaccine in the works  KWKT - FOX 44
  2. Scientists announce 'breakthrough' atomic map of coronavirus  RFI
  3. Detailed 3D coronavirus spike map offers hope for vaccine development  Chemistry World
  4. UT researchers make ‘critical breakthrough’ in coronavirus vaccine  Austin American-Statesman
  5. New 3D coronavirus map to facilitate vaccine design  pharmaceutical-technology.com
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  1. Novel formulation permits use of toxin from rattlesnake venom to treat chronic pain  Phys.org
  2. Rattlesnake venom compound points to promising new painkiller  New Atlas
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Antimalarial drug confirmed effective on COVID-19 - Xinhua | English.news.cn  XinhuaView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Public health officials say there is confusion over types of coronavirus  WMUR-TV
  2. How coronavirus is already testing Missouri’s public health infrastructure  STLtoday.com
  3. Coronavirus Tests Public Health Infrastructure In The Heartland  Kaiser Health News
  4. China launches 'close contact detector app' for coronavirus risk  pharmaceutical-technology.com
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  1. 80 Patients Quarantined in UK Leave Isolation  VOA News
  2. Coronavirus: More may need to self-isolate to stop spread - NHS boss  BBC News
  3. 'We're free': Wuhan evacuees celebrate leaving UK quarantine  The Guardian
  4. Coronavirus & Me: Ben Kavanagh's journey - from quarantine in Wuhan to Wirral  Channel 4 News
  5. Coronavirus: Lecturer 'delighted' at leaving quarantine  BBC News
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  1. Coronavirus not genetically engineered in Wuhan lab, says expert  Financial Times
  2. Coronavirus’s genetic fingerprints are used to rapidly map its spread  Science News
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  1. Health workers stress hygiene, flu shot after 'significant increase' in hospitalizations statewide  TODAY’S TMJ4
  2. NY State sees second highest weekly flu cases in 20 years  WABC-TV
  3. Flu season: How to prevent it and take care of your kid  9NEWS
  4. Flu expected to get worse, set record high levels warn Gov. Cuomo  WRGB
  5. Can the flu vaccine protect against Coronavirus?  WUSA9
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  1. VIDEO: family remembers Waterbury teacher who died form the flu  WFSB 3
  2. Family remembers Waterbury teacher who died from the flu  WFSB
  3. VIDEO: Waterbury officials confirm middle school teacher died from the flu  WFSB 3
  4. Waterbury Teacher Dies of Flu: Family  NBC Connecticut
  5. 8 more flu deaths, including Waterbury teacher, reported last week  FOX 61
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  1. When it comes to coronavirus, men are more vulnerable  Financial Times
  2. Why are children 'missing' from coronavirus outbreak cases?  Livescience.com
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  1. Seven people tested for coronavirus in Guernsey  BBC News
  2. Two people test negative for Coronavirus in Jersey  ITV News
  3. Second person tests negative for coronavirus – with two more awaiting results  Jersey Evening Post
  4. Coronavirus tests on Jersey patient prove negative  BBC News
  5. Jersey patient held in quarantine does not have Coronavirus, test results reveal  ITV News
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  1. What is congenital heart disease? The warning signs for your newborn - Insider  INSIDER
  2. Woodstock mayor proclaims heart defect awareness week  Woodstock Sentinel Review
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  1. Coronavirus: 'Scary when it's on your doorstep', says Brighton resident  The Guardian
  2. Coronavirus in Brighton and Hove: what we know so far  The Argus
  3. UK says two of its new coronavirus cases are healthcare workers  Times of India
  4. Two of today's new confirmed coronavirus patients are healthcare workers  Brighton and Hove News
  5. Brighton doctors' surgery undergoes deep clean over coronavirus concerns  Brighton and Hove News
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  1. Novel coronavirus: Singapore raises risk assessment to DORSCON Orange  CNA
  2. Singapore raises risk alert for novel coronavirus to Orange  The Business Times
  3. Dorscon Orange: What it means for schools, workplaces and healthcare institutions  TODAYonline
  4. Coronavirus: Don't shake hands, adopt alternative greetings, says Ministry of Health  Yahoo Singapore News
  5. Coronavirus outbreak: Singapore raises DORSCON level to orange; schools to suspend inter-school, external activities  CNA
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  1. Protein closely linked to commonest cause of blindness  EurekAlert
  2. New Hope for Treatment for Leading Cause of Blindness After Research Breakthrough  SciTechDaily
  3. Protein discovery offers hope of blindness disease treatment – researchers  Irish Examiner
  4. New hope for blindness disease treatment  7NEWS.com.au
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  1. Resting Heart Rate Can Vary From Patient to Patient  MD Magazine
  2. Our Resting Heart Rates Vary Wildly, FitBit Data Reveal  Discover Magazine
  3. What Your Resting Heart Rate Tells You About Your Health  Elemental
  4. Study Finds Normal Resting Heart Rate Varies Widely  CBS Boston
  5. Resting heart rate: What is normal and should you measure yours?  Firstpost
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  1. Vietnam Coronavirus - The Business Perspective  Vietnam Briefing
  2. [On The Record] Novel coronavirus: A reality check (02.06.20)  CNN Philippines
  3. Britain and Vietnam confirm new coronavirus cases, death toll tops 500  CNBC
  4. Vietnam mask factory ramps up production as virus fears mount worldwide | AFP  AFP News Agency
  5. Vietnam, Britain confirm new coronavirus cases  Fox News
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  1. WHO forum to accelerate coronavirus research efforts  The Pharma Letter
  2. 6 February 2020 News release WHO to accelerate research and innovation for new coronavirus  World Health Organization
  3. WHO to convene forum on accelerating research and innovation for new coronavirus  ARIRANG NEWS
  4. Coronavirus update: WHO to convene forum to mobilise global support  Livemint
  5. WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the technical briefing on 2019 novel coronavirus  World Health Organization (WHO)
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  1. Health Ministry says illegal to require Israelis returning from China to work  The Times of Israel
  2. Suspected Case of Coronavirus Under Quarantine at Schneider  http://hamodia.com
  3. 9-year-old Israeli girl displaying coronavirus symptoms quarantined in Schneider Hospital  Arutz Sheva
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Fears Rise Of Coronavirus Pandemic As Death Toll Climbs In China | NBC Nightly News  NBC NewsView full coverage on Google News
  1. PH free of bird flu, agriculture dept says  ABS-CBN News
  2. China reports H5N1 case  Poultry World
  3. China reports H5N1 bird flu in Hunan amid coronavirus crisis  News-Medical.net
  4. ‘Highly Pathogenic’ Bird Flu Erupts 340 Miles Away From Wuhan, China  NextShark
  5. China Hit By Another High Killing Dieseas In The Middle Of A Battle With The Coronavirus  ZimEye - Zimbabwe News
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  1. Novel coronavirus: health experts warn against steaming face masks for reuse after misinformation on Chinese social media  AFP Factcheck
  2. 5 reasons not to wear a surgical mask to stop coronavirus  Fast Company
  3. Do surgical masks help stop the spread of viruses?  New Zealand Herald
  4. Coronavirus: What travellers should know about face masks  Stuff.co.nz
  5. China urges boost in production of virus-fighting protective gear  Nikkei Asian Review
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  1. 3,235 new cases of coronavirus in China, 64 new deaths  Mangalorean.com
  2. Chinese turn to virus tracker apps to avoid infected neighborhoods  NBCNews.com
  3. 'A psychological comfort': Chinese citizens turn to virus tracker apps to avoid infected neighbourhoods  National Post
  4. Chinese Citizens Using Virus Tracker To Avoid Infected Neighbours  NDTV News
  5. Coronavirus: Chinese citizens turn to tracker apps to avoid infected neighbourhoods  The Straits Times
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Have a good cry but no boozing: expert tips for virus-stressed China  FRANCE 24View full coverage on Google News
  1. 'There's no doubt': Top US infectious disease doctor says Wuhan coronavirus can spread even when people have no symptoms  CNN
  2. Top US infectious disease doctor: 'No doubt' that coronavirus can spread before symptoms  Washington Examiner
  3. The coronavirus can spread without signs of symptoms  The Hill
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  1. Hospital update: Canada's first coronavirus patient discharged from hospital  CTV News
  2. Woman in her 20s confirmed as 3rd case of coronavirus in Ontario  Global News
  3. Canada's first coronavirus patient released from hospital  CBC News
  4. First Canadian coronavirus patient discharged from Toronto hospital  CTV News
  5. Fourth case of novel coronavirus confirmed in Canada  The Globe and Mail
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  1. 'Exciting' Study Shows How Quitting Smoking Can 'Magically' Heal Damaged Lungs  EcoWatch
  2. Lung cancer screening decision aid delivered through tobacco quitlines improves informed decision-making  Medical Xpress
  3. Never Too Late: New Study Finds Lungs 'Magically' Repair Themselves After Quitting Smoking, No Matter the Age  Good News Network
  4. Quitting smoking can reverse, not just stop, lung cell damage, study shows  Daily Sabah
  5. Study confirms CT screenings can cut lung cancer deaths  Medical Xpress
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  1. The CDC has confirmed coronavirus can spread from person to person. More details on the virus.  12 News
  2. CDC: Flu deaths reach 10K this season  KY3
  3. Mississippi officials monitoring coronavirus, preparing for possible cases  WREG NewsChannel 3
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  1. Here’s How Facebook, Twitter And TikTok Are Battling Coronavirus Misinformation  Forbes
  2. Facebook and Google are fighting coronavirus misinformation  Engadget
  3. Facebook to remove misinformation about the coronavirus  CNBC
  4. Coronavirus: Facebook Will Remove Conspiracy Theories And Posts About Fake Cures  Forbes
  5. Facebook, Google and Twitter crack down on fake coronavirus 'cures' and other misinformation  CNN
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WHO Declares coronavirus global health emergency  CGTN AmericaView full coverage on Google News
  1. Coronavirus surpasses Sars epidemic, rises to 10000 cases  Sky News Australia
  2. Will the coronavirus cause a major growth slowdown in China?  The Daily Star
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  1. The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Now A Crisis, How Might That Affect The Economy?  Forbes
  2. Coronavirus Panic Buys Into Racist Ideas About How Chinese People Eat  Eater
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