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Over the past year, Lenovo has quietly made a name for itself as a maker of Google Assistant speakers that also feature screens. At CES 2018, it introduced t...

Amazon’s Alexa has become the household name when it comes to smart assistants, but its ongoing fight with Google Assistant is getting more difficult than expected. Products can support both Alexa and the Google Assistant, and since smart home companies want to sell products to as many customers as possible, Alexa has been getting fewer and fewer exclusive victories.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, the display floor was flush with 'intelligent toilets' that tout all kinds of high-tech capabilities, like integrated voice assistants, speakers and flashy LED lights.

The latest alarm clocks do so much more than tell the time and wake you up: Lenovo's smart clock can change the lighting, tell you how cold it is outside and even play you music to fall asleep to.

Google Assistant and Alexa are both trying to take over your smart devices. But who has the weirdest gadgets? Shannon and Dieter explore the show floor at CE...